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SKU: 9500 DD604818
Weight: 364 lbs
Painted Steel Freestanding NEMA 12 Double Door More details...
Price: $1,682.85
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Product Details
Painted Mild Steel Freestanding Double Door enclosure with automotive 3-point locking handle.  

The 9500 oil & dust tight enclosures are used indoors for protection against dust, dirt or oil splashing. The 9500 are made from quality code gauge steel, with corner seems continuously welded. The opening has a curled lip around all sides to prevent dripping water from entering the enclosure when the door is open, it also increases rigidity. A high quality robotically poured-in-place seamless gasket ensures a complete and durable oil & dust tight seal. The captive pins of the concealed hinges can be pulled to remove the door. An automotive locking handle ensures smooth,  secure 3-point latching.  Optional back panels can be mounted at any depth, using the three sets of rails welded on  the sides of the cabinet. Side panels can also be ordered separately.  A print pocket is provided.

Double door enclosures have stiffeners to the back. Enclosures and panels are finished with heat fused polyester  powder, electrostatically applied on a pretreaded base. Box is ANSI/ASA 61 gray, panel is white (other colors  available). 

CSA Certified / UL Listed
NEMA/EEMAC 12-13 / IP65

Used for indoor applications, these enclosures provide a reliable seal that protects components from harsh environments.
  • CSA Certified / UL Listed
  • NEMA 12 Rated
  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • Eyebolts for easy lifting and manuvering
  • Fast opening automotive 3-point latching system
  • Removable, concealed hinges for easy door modifications
  • Robotic poured-in-place gasket ensures a watertight seal
  • OPTIONAL Back panel is either full or half height
  • Enclosure exteriors are painted ANSI 61 gray. - a Rightfoot Marketing, LLC company. PO Box 5221, Poland, OH 44514, US